MaxAir Nasal Dilators and Breathe-Mate mouth piece-Trial Combo

Nasal Dilator allow for maximum air flow through the nostrils, assisting with aerobic conditioning, nasal congestion, and nasal snoring. Single medical grade plastic mold, comprising of two ergonomically shaped breathing cups joined at center by neat plastic nasal strip which also acts as retaining bracket no more sleepless nights. The unique combination of MaxAir nasal dilators and Breath-Mate mouth piece clear the sinuses whilst enabling sleeping person to breathe warm moist air through the nose. This also reduces snoring by maintaining saliva within the mouth and reducing dry mouth, the saliva created is natures own remedy for reflux, indigestion and heartburn as it neutralizes acids within the esophagus and stomach. This is natures way of combating acids and is faster and longer lasting than using ant-acid drugs. Also a tremendous little product to take with you when you travel on long international flights. No more embarrassing moments with open, dry mouth, and you become a silent sleeper. Re-program your natural involuntary nasal breathing with Snorenomor Nasal Dilators and feel the real benefits of Health, Vitality and a feeling of confidence and well-being. Each individual nasal dilator N mouth piece is good for 3-6 months regular use. Wash in mild detergent between use. If you need to adjust the MaxAir dilators for a snug fit try these 3 simple steps: 1. Dip into hot water for a few seconds 2. Press sides together to the desired shape. 3. Remain holding and dip into chilled water to fix the memory. Perfect set for every nostril.
MaxAir Nasal Dilators and Breathe-Mate mouth piece-Trial Combo
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